Plague-iarism: the internet’s silent killer

Today I was taught a valuable lesson about attributions and the internet.

Yesterday, I posted a tweet that gained traction and was retweeted and liked by a lot of people. This is all well and good, however the joke was not mine. I had seen it on the page of a friend and used it, without attributing it to him. I hadn’t even given it a second thought, it’s the internet right? But it wasn’t just posting a few words of someone else’s that’s the big issue here.

This guy, I shall call him Geo. has been a writer for a long time. He has one of the most unique senses of humour of anyone I’ve talked to and conversations with him seem like dialogue out of some great novel. He’s probably reading this and I want him to know I feel like a complete ass and that I hope we can still do some collaborating in the future. You’ve already helped flesh out one or two of my own jokes.

For anyone interested in seeing what I’m talking about visit

It’s honestly got some of the wittiest one liners I’ve ever read. So Geo. my man, stay awesome and hopefully people dig the site as much as I do.




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