Forget it Jake, it’s Vaginatown.

The post I’m about to write is one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog. It’s about the absolute shitshow surrounding the film ‘Ghostbusters’ and the media’s role in decrying detractors of the film as sexist.

The 1984 cult classic is something many of us grew up loving, with the visual effects and humour standing the test of time. Ultimately anything that has a fan base is going to be rehashed, it’s something we have come to expect. There have been successful remakes such as Oceans 11 and Funny Games, and not so successful like Psycho.

Then we have reboots which take an original premise and completely scrap the continuity so as to create new characters, which is what the new Ghostbusters does. Now that we’ve got the definitions out of the way let’s delve in to the muck and mire of the so call misogyny being heaped on this movie.

David Sims at claims the 800,000 plus dislikes on the film’s YouTube trailer to be an ‘organized campaign against the film’ and that people not finding the jokes in the trailer funny is’specious reasoning’ for criticizing it. He then points his attention to Cinemassacre’s James Rolfe who made a video citing why he would not be reviewing the film. Sims has the gall to insinuate that the real reason why Rolfe didn’t want to watch it was ‘it’s a tentpole genre film starring women’.

It’s a tentpole film you’re right, because of the already established fan base! James Rolfe never said a derogatory thing against any of the female leads but somehow David Sims saw through that charade!

I’m a female, I’m a Ghostbusters fan and I’m fed up with this bullshit. The trailers look terrible, I didn’t find them funny and I don’t intend to watch it. One of the film’s stars, Leslie Jones even tweeted:


Some of us really don’t want to see this movie. Anyone who says that gender doesn’t play a small role would be kidding themselves, but it’s not a sexist thing. The original film had two strong females who are fan favourites, whereas the one male star in the new one is painted as cute but stupid. I find it ironic that people are raving about sexism towards women but glossing over that. I’m going off track here, I just want to say that the media is the reason this has gained such momentum…and I bet that each outlet getting hits off posting these stories is loving every minute of it.

I bet the advertising budget doesn’t even have a dent in it.

Also, I have one final thing to add. The director of this film is Paul Feig and including Ghostbusters the last four films he directed have been female centric with Melissa McCarthy as a lead… and there hasn’t been a single claim of sexism as they all fared well. Hmmmm.lead_960



One thought on “Forget it Jake, it’s Vaginatown.

  1. Oh man, I seen the trailer for this the other day at the cinemas while I was watching the new TMNT movie!

    I live under a rock so I’d previously not heard anything about it at all, and did not know the controversy going on surrounding the film – but about 10 seconds into the trailer I was thinking to myself “wow, this looks crap!” haha. It has nothing to do with the lead actors being female… its just a bad remake.


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